Frontline Supervisor, Hoist Operator, and Industry Trainer Certification Now Available!

After a successful pilot, MiHR would like to announce that the Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP) is now certifying workers in three new occupations!  

MiHR would like to thank the examiner panel and all those who were involved in the pilot for the occupations of Frontline Supervisor, Industry Trainer and Hoist Operator. A total of 51 individuals were certified in the new occupations through the pilot.

Also piloted was an alternative process to certification, allowing candidates to apply individually for certification in these three occupations.

To all successful pilot participants, MiHR would like to congratulate you on achieving certification and becoming part of the first cohort of Canada’s nationally-certified Industry Trainers, Frontline Supervisors and Hoist Operators! MiHR is now accepting new applicants for certification in these three occupations. All qualified workers are welcome to apply.

Email for more information, or to apply!