To all CMCP Examiner Panel Members: Thank you for your contribution and for your continued support!

The Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) would like to thank the Examiner Panel members for their contributions to a successful pilot of three new occupations under the Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP). Frontline Supervisors, Industry Trainers, and Hoist Operators have now been added to the suite of occupations available for certification, creating more opportunities for workers to become certified in Canada’s mining industry. The Examiner Panel, made up of industry subject matter experts and job incumbents, assessed the pilot candidates' application packages, which included a Record of Assessment and reference letters, to determine if candidates met the requirements to certify at the national standard.  MiHR would like to thank the following people for their involvement on these Examiner Panels:

Frontline Supervisor

• Fred Bailey, 
• James Dooley 
• Étienne Cronje
• Peter Cain
• Marcel Perry
• Ian Wilson
• Jay Dooley
• Robert Lee
• Robert Striegler

Hoist Operator

• Bill Garton 
• Paul Carey
• Bryan Glazer
• Lucie Dallaire
• Cheryl Blair
• Dan Miron

Industry Trainer

• Dave Speerbrecker
• Marc Dredhart
• Marcel Perry
• Mike Nolting
• Mike Kempf
• Bob Kenny 

To all successful pilot participants, MiHR would like to congratulate you on achieving certification and becoming part of the first cohort of Canada’s nationally-certified Industry Trainers, Frontline Supervisors and Hoist Operators! MiHR is now accepting new applicants for certification in these three occupations. Email for more information, or to apply.