National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards are detailed inventories of the skills and knowledge required to perform specific jobs in the mining industry. 

Standards are validated, reviewed, and updated on an ongoing basis by a committee of industry experts to ensure they remain robust and current. 

By establishing these clear, objective benchmarks, the National Occupational Standards provide the basis for a collaborative, industry-driven approach to facilitate recruitment, establish clear educational requirements and increase retention within Canada's mining industry. National Occupational Standards also form the foundation of the Canadian Mining Certification Program.

Currently, National Occupational Standards exist for:

  • Minerals Processing Operators

  • Underground Miners

  • Surface Miners

  • Diamond Drillers (both underground and surface)

  • Frontline Supervisor

  • Industry Trainer

  • Hoist Operator

To obtain copies of the National Occupational Standards, please submit a request.

The Value of National Occupational Standards

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National Occupational Standards Development Committees

Committees are established to ensure the occupational standards accurately reflect industry requirements and are relevant and widely applicable. Comprising employers, employees, educators and representatives of industry organizations, associations and federal, provincial and territorial governments, these committees represent all the activities and specialties of the developed occupational standards. The review process takes place every three years.