The Canadian Mining Certification Program

The first – and only – national mining worker certification program of its kind in Canada. The Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP) is the industry-standard for validating the skills, knowledge, and experience of workers in the mining sector.

CMCP Overview Video

Watch this video to learn more about national certification of mining workers in Canada through the Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP).

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The Measure of Mining Expertise 

The CMCP recognizes individual mine workers who have demonstrated their competencies and expertise by meeting the National Occupational Standards established for the Canadian mining industry.

Employer Benefits

  • Simplifies recruitment
  • Increases employee engagement and commitment
  • Increases employee satisfaction and retention
  • Showcases investment in training
  • Recognizes workforce value and hard-earned skills

Employee Benefits

  • Recognizes knowledge, training and skills
  • Demonstrates commitment to safety
  • Provides potential for career advancement
  • Demonstrates pride in being a mining professional

National Occupational Standards

The National Occupational Standards are the foundation of the CMCP. They establish clear, objective skills and knowledge benchmarks – and form the basis for workforce development, driving curriculum development within educational institutes, and the alignment of company training programs.

Email to request a copy of the National Occupational Standard(s).

Standing Committee on Certification

This industry-based committee is responsible for the strategic oversight and governance of all aspects of the CMCP, and reports to the MiHR Board of Directors. The National Occupational Standards are developed, validated, reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis through extensive consultation with the Committee.

See who governs the CMCP here.