Workplace Assessors

Champion. Coach. Assessor.

Workplace Assessor Training Guide

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Workplace Assessors: Champion. Coach. Assessor.

Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP) Workplace Assessors assess workers, validating that they are competent to perform the tasks described in the National Occupation Standards and meet the specific requirements to certify. They are responsible for conducting competency-based assessment in a valid, fair, and reliable manner. 

Who Can Be a CMCP Workplace Assessor?

To become a CMCP Workplace Assessor you must be nominated by your employer and be proficient in one of the following occupations:

  • Underground Miners
  • Surface Miners
  • Minerals Processing Operators
  • Diamond Drillers
  • Frontline Supervisor
  • Industry Trainer
  • Hoist Operator

Why become a CMCP Workplace Assessor?

You will be provided with all relevant assessment tools, guidelines and training to support your role as:

  • A champion helping build a highly skilled and safe work environment at your site
  • A coach helping guide workers on their career progression 
  • An assessor recognizing the skills, knowledge and experience of workers at your site

You will help your fellow colleagues:

  • Be recognized as valued team members by certifying their training, knowledge and experience
  • Progress in their careers as successful mining professionals
  • Gain pride in their experiences and commitment

You will help your employer:

  • Be recognized as an industry leader committed to upholding the highest standards in skills, training and safety
  • Become an employer of choice that invests the knowledge and skills of its workforce
  • Showcase their dedication to the community and the career progression of its employees

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Workplace Assessor Brochure