Where is the Canadian mining industry headed? Read MiHR’s 2017 Canadian Mining Labour Market Outlook report to find out!

Canada’s mining industry is beginning to show signs of economic recovery. Along with its resurgence, comes a problematic thin labour supply that has the potential to derail projects, drive up the cost of finding workers and ultimately undermine an operation’s ability to run competitively unless corrective collaborative actions are taken to manage the future availability of workers.

MiHR’s Canadian Mining Labour Market Outlook 2017 anticipates critical gaps for numerous mining-related occupations as well as an increased replacement rate due to retirement - accounting for about 47 percent of the hiring requirements. The incoming generations of new entrants are vitally important to the health of mining’s future labour supply, especially prospective students. MiHR’s key programs continue to focus on improving the labour supply for the mining industry which includes strategic efforts to retain the knowledge-base of the existing labour force, increase knowledge transfer from one generation to the next, facilitate collaboration between educators and employers, strengthen the labour supply’s attachment to the mining industry, and develop a robust pipeline of workers that is suited to withstand shifts in economic cycles and employer needs.

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