New Green Jobs Program to Provide 120 Meaningful Opportunities in the Mining Sector

MiHR is proud to announce that July 26th 2017 marked the launch of our Green Jobs Program. The objective of the program is to create 120 meaningful internship opportunities in the mining sector by connecting companies with qualified graduates from disciplines related to science, technology, engineering and math. These internships aim to promote a focus on clean technology and innovation as well as provide an environmental benefit to Canada.

Funding for this initiative is provided by the Government of Canada through Natural Resources Canada’s Green Jobs – Science and Technology Internship Program, as part of the Youth Employment Strategy. MiHR was selected as a delivery organization through a competitive process to deliver 120 internships to post-secondary graduates over the next two years.

The Green Jobs Program is designed to help new graduates transition to long-term employment or to pursue advanced studies, through work experience and mentorship provided by approved hiring organizations.