Diamond Driller National Occupational Standard Development Committee Begins Review

A new committee to oversee the review of the Diamond Driller National Occupational Standard (NOS) has been struck. The role of the Diamond Driller Development Committee will be to review the existing Diamond Driller NOS and the requirements to certify under the Canadian Mining Certification Program to ensure that it continues to be relevant and up to date with the needs of industry. The NOS is used primarily for certification, but it also guides curriculum development, supports the development of employer in-house training, and provides individual workers with a career advancement plan.

MiHR worked with the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association (CDDA) to identify and recruit subject matter experts to the committee, which includes representation from Major Drilling Group International, Geotech Drilling, Walker Drilling, Asinii Drilling, Fleming College, McCaw North, Team Drilling and Boart Longyear. Committee recruitment has concluded and the review process will kick off at a two-day meeting in Toronto in early March. The review of the Diamond Driller NOS will be completed by the end of September 2017.