The Canadian Mining Certification Program Celebrates its First Certified Workers in Three New Occupations

The Mining Industry Human Resources Council is pleased to announce that the first workers have been certified in the three new occupations under the Canadian Mining Certification Program. Workers have been assessed and granted certification in the three new occupations of Frontline Supervisor, Industry Trainer, and Hoist Operator.

MiHR’s Standing Committee on Certification met on October 16th, 2016 to discuss the testing of certification for the three new occupations as well as an alternative process to certify (a candidate driven path to certification). The Standing Committee on Certification has endorsed the recommendation of the examiner panels of industry subject matter experts who assessed and granted certification to 14 workers under the new occupations. This first group of workers have now completed the certification process, additional certifications are due to be completed by the end of November, when the pilot/testing closes.

With the pilot/testing phase complete, MiHR looks forward to certifying many workers in these three occupations along with the existing occupations (Minerals Processing Operators, Diamond Drillers, Underground Miners, and Surface Miners).

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