Workforce Transition Resources

MiHR has developed a set of resources to assist employers in times of transition. Tools are available below for providing support to workers during challenging times like mine closure and downsizing, as well as offering support to HR Managers in finding required skills in other sectors.

The Mining Workforce Transition kit contains five modules and can be implemented by an on-site team or consultant.

Module 1: Decision Makers

Module 2: A Resource for Workers

Module 3: The Transition Committee

Module 4: The Action Centre Team

Module 5: Transition Resources

In light of the high number of retirements facing the mining industry now and looming over the next decade, HR managers may find it helpful to look to other sectors to identify transferable skill sets. In support of this strategy, MiHR has developed a list of non-technical transferable managerial competencies along with an occupational matrix to illustrate, at a glance, where similar managerial occupations can be found in other sectors. We’ve also included success stories from employees who have transitioned from other sectors into mining.

Please email us to inquire about an orientation session or other ways in which MiHR could support your company or site’s use of the kit.

Beyond the Sector - Identify a new pool of managers