Who Works in Mining

Demographics of the Mining Industry

MiHR research shows that over the next decade, the Canadian mining industry will need to hire 100,000 plus workers, based on the current economic climate and forecasted business outlook. In order to fill these positions, the Canadian mining industry will have to include and utilize women and men, from every nationality and cultural background.


Younger workers are making a comeback in the mining industry. For nearly a decade, MiHR’s research has consistently shown that the mining workforce is relatively older than the overall labour force in Canada, however, the mining industry is showing signs of attracting more young people. 


Today, women represent 17% of the mining labour force.  Ten years ago, that number was closer to 12 % which means that the number of women working in the sector has increased by 40% in a decade.


There are over 36,000 immigrants to Canada who are employed in the mining sector. Immigrant women make up a 22% of those immigrant workers. The immigrants working in mining are very highly educated, and in terms of age, are more mature than the general mining workforce.

Aboriginal Peoples

There are about 18,000 Aboriginal peoples employed in mining in Canada.